less than 3 months

You guys, our wedding is just under the 3 months away mark!!

This past weekend we:
picked out tuxedos for the guys--Vera Wang tuxes!! ChicagoBoy let me choose and they are SMOKING HOT!!ChicagoBoy finally renewed his passport--Scotland and Ireland here we come!I backed up music onto our new 1TB external hard drive to transfer to our home computer, so I can start getting the wedding music for the reception together! This week's wedding goals:
Seating chartQuotes about love for the tables--each table is named after an author, so will feature a quote about love by said authorStart working on wedding music


Something most libraries/librarians have been watching VERY closely. I can't believe we have to fight so hard to protect our libraries and schools in our country. Sad panda.


I’m pleased, but with important cautions, to tell you that all of our collective work to Fight for Libraries! is poised to pay off dramatically. Key parts of the House Appropriations Subcommittee bill that is scheduled to be voted on tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 EDT were released late this afternoon. The bill does NOT cut last year’s funding to the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Once final, that would mean no cuts to LSTA in this critical first vote stage! (We’ll know about Innovative Approaches to Literacy tomorrow.

 Now the cautions… While unlikely, an amendment could be offered to the bill that changes the IMLS appropriation. In addition, after tomorrow’s vote, there will be at least two further procedural opportunities for the bill to be amended. After the House acts, of course, …

Saturday caturday cuteness

This guy.

sweet relief in grief

Something has stirred my father into my waking thoughts more than usual lately, of course Father's Day weekend is an obvious reason, but if feels like something more--perhaps our wedding, now less than 4 months away...? Whatever it is, I've found myself grieving again. I think about all of the things my Dad is missing, how he'd be a grandfather of six (soon to be 7) grandchildren. How he won't get to walk me down the aisle, or ever get to know my sweet, kind, wonderful ChicagoBoy.

I keep thinking of C.S. Lewis', A Grief Observed, the solace I felt in reading it upon my fathers death; Lewis and I kindred spirits in our mourning.

“No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear. I am not afraid, but the sensation is like being afraid. The same fluttering in the stomach, the same restlessness, the yawning. I keep on swallowing.

At other times it feels like being mildly drunk, or concussed. There is a sort of invisible blanket between the world and me. I find it har…

Illinois gems

Recently attended the Director's University at the Illinois State Library. A well spent week in Springfield--my first visit--with lots to learn, and a few beauties to admire from afar!

American Writers Museum

Did you hear about the newly opened American Writers Museum?! I am super excited to go check this place out! I like their mission statement, short and sweet:

"The mission of the American Writers Museum is to engage the public in celebrating American writers and exploring their influence on our history, our identity, our culture, and our daily lives."

So, who's coming with me?!

Slowly, slowly, slowly, said the sloth

Eric Carle's sloth is pretty much my spirit animal these days.

I am in week 3 at the new library--I've yet to cook up a code name for it--and feel like I am slowly, painfully slowly getting things. I am still struggling with learning how to do all of the finance work, as I had a F.O. at my last job.

Last week I met up with local directors and felt a little better hearing about similar concerns, but a little worse when they kept saying words and IL acronyms that I did not understand! Oh, Ohio libraries how I miss you so. I miss a lot of things in fact. I miss my Youth Services Coordinator, PrairieDawn, and our friendship and shared jokes after years of working closely and sharing an office. I miss some of my old staff. I miss my old regular patrons. And sometimes when ChicagoBoy does things that frustrate me--I mean come on, the dirty laundry bin is RIGHT THERE!!! WHY IS YOUR DIRTY UNDERWEAR ON THE FLOOR--I miss my old single life a little bit too.

I came to IL to be with Chic…